Our clients speak better for us, Below are some reviews from our clients

Thank you for the Black-Tie setup, the tuxedo and shirt fit perfectly and I felt at my best attending at Brooks on St. James in London

Dan Shea


All goods are received well on this end, thank you very much. Both my son and I are very happy with the fittings and the quality of the goods

Rutger Koopmans


My daughter is very happy with the job you have done on her blouses

Dr. Meechai


Can you make me two more golf trousers in green and blue as you did the khaki, will settle the payment online?



By far all my colleagues and friends are satisfied with your quality and service. Keep up the good jobs

Martin Wesenaar


we have received four shirts, two for Natascha and two for me.

They are very good size and fitting. Thank you    

Johan D’hondt


I’m very happy with the last shirts from you, the quality and size are the right fit

This easter I liked six shirts with the high white buttons

Two shirts in your palest blue, two in mint or very light green, one very light yellow and some other light color, could you send pictures to confirm? Thank you

Michel Wuyts


Marlou feels her blouses are fantastic. Jesse’s suit also fits perfectly.

My shirt may be a little slimmer fit, but is only 1-2cm in size. Bedankt

Patrick van Meijl


I’m very happy with the first delivery. I am interested in two extra similar sport jackets

Arjeh Baumgarten

(Den Haag)

With this message I would like to let you know that the suit and trousers fits very well, I am very happy with them. Thank you again with kind regards

Rika Oldenhof

(Den Haag)

Just to let you know that the shirts arrived yesterday. I tried one on this morning and it fits me perfectly. Regards from The Hague

Edwin Rabbie

(Den Haag)

It’s all super, Top Size, I am very happy. Thanks a lot

Philipp Ratjen


Thank you, Vicky, we received the package last week and everything fits perfect

I’m exceptionally happy with the outcome of the suits and shirts

Jeroen van Parijs


I went on holiday right after receiving the shirts, but I took two of them with me and they fit perfectly and look amazing. I still need to try on the linen shirt. Thank you for the amazing service and hope to see you in Belgium again next time

Xander Vanwirelberge


Great fit and quality

Christian Stockmar


Thank you for completing and shipping out shirts that early, we looking forward to receiving them.

The sizes of my shirts were really perfect and but the sleeves of Dirk’s shirts were a bit short. However, he claims they are fine and he really likes the fabrics and the finish. Maybe I have to get used to the current sleeve-styles which are shorter than I myself is used to wearing.

Piet Peeters


I would love to have a Royal Blue Velvet Jacket for my gala dinner

Pavin Sethi


Myself and few friends would like to have a look at your newest patterns, when can we schedule an appointment?

Sven Garling


Package arrived safely for me and my boyfriend. The quality is very good and mostly fitting very nice. However, need little adjustments on my dress. When you plan next trip?



We had a great time too. Was a little tired after a busy week, but it was great to have you again.

Say hallo to Ann and the kids and let us know when you are in Leiden again.



I worked the last 2 years at home and still do so, few of my business clothes are still unused. I am fine for now, but like you to update me of your next visit to Rotterdam

Aad Twigt


My sister was looking at one of the overcoats on your website, can I have an estimated price? just curious



I am very happy with my new suit & shirts and anxious to attend my new job this summer

Navnant Sachdeva


Your service and delivery were more than what we expect, thanks to Mike for introducing us to you

Gunjan Khanna

(Las Vegas)

I haven’t had the time to fit my new suit, because I haven’t been home much, but I hope I will get the chance tonight or tomorrow and shall write you.

Gunjan Khanna


Thank you for your service, you made it easy for us to visit at the hotel and make the order & fittings

Umesh Khanna


Hope the staff uniform arrive well for the photoshoot of our hotel brochure



Do you also visit the middle east, I live in downtown Dubai?



Hi Vicky, just received and tried on the second suit and shirts, very satisfied. Thank you

Jonatan Baumgarten

(Den Haag)

Very glad for you visit and look forward to my new suits



It was a great evening and no doubts my colleagues will enjoy your quality as I do; thanks for coming by



Thank you for the invitation this evening. Next time we commence the meeting at my place, I will send out invites to my friends and colleagues

Arthur Chawla


Got the shirts – thanks. I even forgot to ask for the monogram – but my smart tailor did it anyway. Cheers

Jason Cross


Check this out, everything fits perfectly well as they always did. You can start debiting my account  ;o))

Charles Sogtoen


I have tried my shirts and they fit really well. Thank you for your help and professionalism



Many thanks Vichai, my family and I greatly appreciate your workmanship

Mauro & Helaine


The package arrived in good condition and my son is very keen on the outcome of his birthday gift. Thank you Vicky

George Mukhan

(San Francisco)

The casual slacks I received is very nice, sizes and measures are ok.

The next ones I would like to have the front of the under legs with the fabric matching colored buttons. And at the bottom of the legs, I liked to have the shape of the shirt cuffs with the opening to the front. So, I can close it with a pair of cufflinks, the same as with a shirt

Roel Rol


I’m stilling working from home 100% and that is getting more of a challenge. For now, I won’t need business clothes, but if you can make me an overcoat from the previous measurements you have, will be nice for this winter.

Reiner Stein (Meklenberg)


When is your trip to New York?


(New York)

My pleasure working with your firm, very pleased with your efficiency and quality. Look forward to the next deal



The tweed jacket arrived well in time and I have to admit, the quality is by far better than I had expected

Jos Jongmans


Thank you so much, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family

Mark Mason


I have a wardrobe full with Vicky Collections

Gautam Japani


we received the suits and shirts and they are good. The trousers maybe are bit too wide; will have them sent to you, see pics attached

Ron J. Vinken


Apologies for the late reply. Shirts fit great for everyone. Keep us posted on your travel schedule

Simon Reyne


I want to have a nice shirt this May to attend my son’s Confirmation and also a similar shirt for him too.

Rasmus Pedersen


Thanks Vicky, nothing for me this time. But keep me posted.

Klaus Klitgaard


Just wanted to let you know that there is a guy who is likely interested in a new suit, I will let you know once he makes his mind up

Emilio Post


I’m retired since July and so I don’t need any shirts nor suits for now.

The uniform shirts you made for my clinic are still serving us well

Erik van Wordragen


We received the package and the trousers they fit perfect. Kind Regards

Dre Molenaars


My family are very pleased with the quality and the fittings of the clothes

I will be very happy to recommend you

Esref Yeniasci


I will go ahead with the pink piping inside my jacket lining, thanks for the advice



I received the shirts; they are very nice and in perfect order. Greetings from Holland

Frank Vink


Can you visit my friends in Las Vegas? His family need few suits by June

Somchai Narula

(Las Vegas)

Your team had done a great job

Raveena & Aman


The package with the shirts came in. I will open and check later and let you know if everything is ok.

Quinten Bril


Thank you for your message. I liked the same as last time, if you can make me an offer for six shirts as the last ones, I will make the money transfer today. Best Regards,

Martijn Boerlage


Thank you for your mail, I have not retired and still enjoy the sport jackets and shirts made by Vicky collection. If I come around friends who like to have similar clothing, will be happy to recommend you



Hope you are doing well. The clothes are still fitting me well, will let you know when I need more

Mischa Jonker


We received everything well. Thank you for the swift handling. As for the clothes, they fit like a glove. Thank you and I hope to see you in the coming future

Brecht van Thuyne


I recently received my linen suit from my dad and they fit perfectly. Thank you

Forward me your pricelist, I have two friends and perhaps some more who are interested in your collections

Jules Wuyts


It was a mutual fine experience for us as well to have you visit us in Antwerp.

I trust your judgement on the midnight blue edges & deep blue buttons;

and we all are very happy with your production.

Dirk Deroey


I am very happy with my shipment. I want to introduce you to my family the next visit.

Conor Lanoizele


My team are looking forward to your visit at the Chicago office



I had ordered few suits from you a few years ago, is it possible to have an extra trousers and vest in the same fabric?

Kunal Grover



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